Who we are

Inside Africa Switzerland is a ambitious charitable Organization which is defined by a strong moral compass. ...achieve positive and lasting change in these areas:
...achieve positive and lasting change in these areas:

  • Education in Africa: IAS provides as many children as possible in Africa with access to education. Educaton is the best way to leave poverty behind!
    For more Information see School Project
  • Infrastructure in Africa: IAS builds sustainable basic infrastructure. This means most of all: school buildings, and water wells for clean drinking water.
  • Integration in Switzerland: IAS enables cultural exchange between Swiss people and immigrants through interaction – to understand each other better!

We are optimists

We are optimists Inside Africa Switzerland

We are optimists by nature: We believe that we have a very important role to play as an intercultural organization in building a better coexistence in Switzerland and at the same time not forgetting our roots.

We are open minded, self- aware, learning with humility. We also recognize that collaboration will produce a better impact that will bring about a sustainable end.


Rita Kobler
Rita Kobler-Emiko

Alexandra Gnägi
Alexandra Gnägi
Administration / IAS Choir

Odion Ogielegua
Odion M. Ogielegua
Assistent Administration

Corina Schmid
Corina Schmid

Justine Berger
Justine Berger
Assistant Treasurer

Pamela Freuler-Tschirky
Pamela Freuler-Tschirky

Tasila Chevre Banda
Tasila Chévre Banda

Mary Bieri
Mary Bieri

Biola Dudli
Biola Dudli

Our address:

Inside Africa Switzerland
Postfach 516, 9501 Wil Saint Gallen
E-mail: info@iaswiss.ch
Telephone: +41 (0)78 848 7845

"If we don't start, it's certain we can't arrive"

Zig Ziglar

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by our Christian values, and we are stewards to all people regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity etc.

Our core values

Compassion, integrity, love, respect and transparency.

Target and Vision

Download a presentation with our targets and vision.