What we have accomplished

James Uhar,is Ten years old, he is in Primary Two. When James joined HHIS, he could not write A-Z correctly.Today, he is one of the kids with double promotion.

James Uhar HHIS

What we have accomplished and our goals

One of our aims is to break the circle of generational illiteracy in rural areas of Africa, this will also lead to poverty relief because, education is Power.

Since we began in 2011, the educational levels of the children have greatly improved.

With the availability of teaching charts, vigorous academic drills and consistency, most of the children can write their names and the names of their classmates, write two to five letter words, write sentences and recite multiplications table 2 to 6 and some 7. As a result, some of the children were given double promotion. They are constantly been encouraged to speak English.This has broadened they minds.

African children at studying Inside Africa Switzerland

The parents take pride in this as they watch their children communicate with the missionaries and teachers in English With the help of the missionaries and two teachers, we have been able to build two Nursery School classes currently accommodating 89 children (Playgroup 1 to Primary 2).

The age range is between 3-13 years. we however believe, it is not how far but how well. The solid foundation we are laying is very crucial to their academic success.

We have also helped in improving the moral and hygienic standards of the children through bible stories and teachings on hygiene

There is a lot to be done!!!

Growth in school (Kunbi)!

We are heading into our 2nd year! Our goal for 2013/14 is to complete and furnish the nursery classes, with an additional two classroom blocks to be constructed between now and May 2013.

As we are working on school expansion, we aim at getting more qualified teachers for the task.

School kitchens & teachers housing

Boys and girls toilets, play fields etc.

For a start, we hope to sink a deep well to serve as drinking water for the kunbi people.

Water, sanitation, and hygiene are all critical to reducing the burden of water-borne diseases, prevalent among children which kill 1.6 million children each year world-wide.

Our Missoin is to build and strengthen sustainable educational system in rural areas of Africa.

Expandtion of our staff will aid school operations. We plan to build a standard Primary School in 2018. Our primary goal of building school infrastructure and supporting education in Africa is still a very vital and important part of our project.

We are reaching out to the less privilege children, who is trying to survive without the basic knowledge of what life has to offer, Their Parents are ignorant because, they never had the opportunity of basic education. The bigger Children are growing and leaving for the city- life without any clue or perspective on how to survive. In order to survive, they develop into criminals and trouble teenagers leading to delinquency and an added burden to the communities and the world at large.

School Anthem

We are the children of Hand of Hope Int’l School, Kunbi village
Our motto is,excellence by grace (2ce)
We are the hope of Nigeria (2ce)
With God we can make it (2ce)
And to you our supporters
We pray God bless you all

Children dancing

Due to the distance from the towns and cities, it has been a big challenge to get teachers to come to kunbi. Our aim is to get young graduate on their (National Youth Service Corps NYSC) to teach. Hence housing is included into this project.

Building a better tomorrow for african children

We recognize that we cannot do everything, our abilities and resources are only but a small part of what is needed to achieve our goals. We also understand that your donation and assistance will produce a great impact that will bring about sustainable end.