Thank you for aiding our mission.

Your donation will go a long way to bringing about the transformation in a Village that's desperately in need of hope.

All funds and school materials given to this project go directly to building, maintaining, equipping and the general operation of the school in Kunbi village. Thank you for your support.

How you can support

Your assistance and involvement can create a lasting change!
Together we can give the support or life skills necessary for a productive future!

You can support us through:

  • Participation in non-profit events in Switzerland
  • Using your skills to Support our integration programs
  • Sponsoring non-profit events and programs
  • Financial support for the building of schools in rural areas of Africa
  • Engagement in third world developmental programmes
  • Sponsoring of volunteer

We would be glad to recieve

  • English school books
  • Bicycles
  • Foot balls and sport articles
  • Trophies for sport competition
  • School materials
  • Support for our Missionaries
  • Blocks and zincs for the class rooms
  • Support for medical and Dental care

Give in Kind by supporting with your skills.

  • Teaching
  • Health worker
  • Carpenter
  • Doctor
  • Others

How to contact us

If you would like to help — simply write us at or fill in the following form and we will get in contact with you soon.

You can also donate now, by using our Bank account.
Account info:

Inside Africa Switzerland

Raiffeisenbank Wil und Umgebung
Bronschhofenstrasse 11,9500
CH20 8132 0000 0086 5952 4

When you become a partner, we are committed to:

  • Providing regular and proactive updates on projects
  • Providing you transparent reports on invested funds
  • Advertising on our platform
  • Invitation to our events and programs

We promote hope

We are steadfast in our goal of reaching people who have no access to education and proper information.

Your gift will help (IAS) to achive the goal of building schools and equipping it for the task ahead!

Support a child

Help African children My whole future is in front of me and i want to start building now.

Sponsor a volunteer

You are in our team and making a great diffrence when you sponsor a volunteer.