Integration through education and cultural activities!

Integrating immigrants into a society is a very important and challenging task. The main aim of carrying out integration projects is to enable immigrants become part of the society and also enable them have a sense of belonging. Communication is the first step to understanding in any society.

The role of Inside Africa is to connect and support immigrant women through these monthly women meeting effort; this enables the enhancement of their language skills, cultural exchange outlook, networking opportunities etc.

This meeting is uniquely positioned to enhance better integration, to understand their concerns, to help them adapt to their environment, and for them to understand their basic respossibilities; that migrants have an active role to play in creating a better coexistence in Switzerland. Inside Africa aims to work across various institution and government agencies to encourage effective collaboration in delivering helpful programs.

One of our aims is to facilitate social and cultural integration through education,interaction and our cultural events.

Communication Empowerment in our women meetings: This is organized with interactive activities to promote better communication in German language and knowledge for everyday living in Switzerland The training is aimed at developing communication and socialization skills for everyday living.

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Inside Africa Events in 2016

  • 11. Juni, 10.00-20.00: Intercultural Day, Waaghaus St. Gallen
  • 18. Juni, 17.00-22.00: Feast of Nations (Nationenfest) Wil, Pfarreizentrum Wil
  • 19. Juni, 10.30: Gospelconcert with Joe Gabriel catholic church Niederuzwil

Coming up in Wil: Integration choir "Sing for Joy" - Information will follow!

Lets improve our lives by learning the language and understanding the societal norms!