School project in Africa


We provide children in rural areas of Africa with high quality school education. With the donations received, we support the construction of school buildings and infrastructure. Education is the best way to leave poverty behind. With our school project we give children in Africa a perspective.


Kunbi is a small, far remote village in south-west Nigeria - a three hour walk away from the nearest bus stop. The inhabitants, of which 65% are children, and farmers, so far without access to school education.

The village caught our attention in 2011. Thanks to Swiss donations, revenue from food sales at events and many volunteers, we were able to inaugurate a school and a nursery within one year. The implementation of a regular class schedule led to great joy and satisfaction of the villagers in Kunbi and its surroundings. The motivation for this project became apparent, when we saw how many villagers helped actively to build the school buildings and the house for the teachers. Between 2012 and 2016, more than 160 children have been granted access to school education. The academic performance and spoken English, mechanical skills and the hygiene of the children have since improved substantially. In addition to the education (English, French, Mathematics, Science and Health education), we emphasis on craftsmanship skills, such as the local production of reed baskets, beads and handbags. Due to the high quality education, we could already send the best five children to a secondary school in Ibadan. Thanks to private sponsorships for the children, we can finance their high school education.

Kunbi Village Nigeria West Africa (view of the map)


We still have many hurdles to overcome. Qualified teachers are scarce, we lack medical infrastructure, there is constant need for educational material and toys, we need to educate the parents about the importance of education and we need to improve the access to clean drinking water as its contamination causes a lot of absences.

But we are on the right direction. Education gives hope. Together we create a better future!


  • The foundation of the school was a great success for the area.
  • Not only the academic performance but also other vital skills (craftsmanship, health education, mechanical skills) of the village children improved significantly.
  • The knowledge about the love of God and basic Christian values such as compassion, integrity, love for one another and respect.